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We are emotional creatures. Meaningful spaces change our perception of the possible.


The spaces we inhabit energise and amplify, they evoke memories of where and who we have been, but also embrace and support who we desire to be. Fauxlie Studios create effortless and dramatic spaces inspired by romance, nostalgia, big dreams and bold characters. Spaces in which you can reimagine your life into something even more extraordinary.


Established in Berlin by multi-disciplinary designer Sarah O'Neill, the aesthetic of Fauxlie Studios is relaxed and cool, combining rough, original textures and surfaces with sharp, luxurious finishes to create a purposeful and strong original look. Informed by a background in Fashion Design and lmmersive Experiential Event Production, the spaces we create combine a precision finish with a love for uncovering original details.  Every project is a labour of love, created by dedicated team of craftspeople to ensure a flawless finish down to the smallest detail.


Full Concept Interior Design. Interior Styling. Custom Furniture Packages. Retail Design. Pop Up Event Styling.

Home and Rental Staging. Treasure Hunts. 

We are Emotional Creatures.

We create FEELINGS.

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