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P R I V A T E  R E S I D E N C E  - N E U K Ö L L N


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                                                                                                                                                                          Furnishing, Purchasing & Styling 

In this home the vision for the kitchen was to create a kitchen bank that felt like a piece of furniture - fully wrapped in a dark ebony wood, accented with copper details, sitting on beautifully painted floorboards. An exposed wall roughens up the design and introduces texture and history into the space, while a vintage sideboard and an industrial light fitting provide the space with age and gravitas. Bespoke handmade pieces and details, such as the copper wrapped shelf above the work space or the detailing on the shelving unit create a sense of individuality and interest. The most is made of the limited space within this kitchen by introducing a foldable table space within the kitchen to accommodate intimate dinners. Lighting is also key element in this space with colour changing LEDs integrated into the shelving to adapt to the mood. 

Introducing personalized artwork and decorative pieces into the kitchen individualize the space and create the feeling of the kitchen also being a living space rather than strictly functional. Our ambition with this room was to hide its function in plain sight - allowing it to look richly furnished rather than a purely functional space.


 N E U K Ö L L N   B A T H R O O M 


In the bathroom space within this home, we wanted to create a spacious white backdrop accented with greenery and small metallic detailing. To create a calm and natural theme, greenery was introduced both in live plants as well as the bold print on the shower curtain. This theme will in time, be mirrored outside the window with ivy that will cover the glass and create both privacy and cast a beautiful soft green glow into the bathroom space. The generous shower space with dual rainfall and body shower heads evoke a spa-like feel, while the clean white wall lighting highlights the minimal and clean aesthetic. This space provides a sanctuary of calm and minimalism away from a busy modern world.

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