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N E W M O T I O N   B E R L I N    HQ   -  B E R L I N 

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NewMotion HQ in Berlins Prenzlauerberg is located in a beautiful old factory building. Light, white and neutral is where we started, but our desire was to inject the space with personality, colour and texture to create a working and relaxing space that everyone could feel more at home in. While people spend more and more time in office environments, those spaces need to work harder to keep people happy and healthy.


Our main focus for the entrance, was to create both a welcoming foyer as well as a secondary, more casual work or meeting space. We went with bold and rich fabric choices to add warmth and depth to the space.

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Fauxlie Studios-42.jpg
Fauxlie Studios-66.jpg

Kitchen + Lounge

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Fauxlie Studios-54.jpg



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Fauxlie Studios-45.jpg

The main space here we wanted to be bold with colour, but due to the sheer size of the space, it made most sense to integrate colour in the furnishings.

A rich magenta, velvet sofa brings both colour and texture, and sits alongside a brave but beautiful combination of luxurious green marble table with dusky pink velvet seats.


We created three primary seating options in this singular space to allow people to come together or sit separately as they pleased, as well as being able to interact as one group from all seating locations.


The main kitchen cabinetry was preexisting, but we installed the secondary kitchen space to the left to give the space better flow and allow it to function with better ease for the clients. The huge mirrors we installed to bounce the light around as well as reflect in the outside to create an ever changing view on the wall. 

The lighting throughout the entire redesign is smart and eco friendly phillips hue, which allows for the atmosphere to be controlled and for coloured lighting to create different moods during events or get togethers as well as to be dimmed or brightened, depending on the needs of the clients at any given time.

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Fauxlie Studios-63.jpg

The artwork in this space is incredibly beautiful and uniquely Berlin.

The prints that adorn the walls are in fact, prints of old dia from the 1970's and 1980s in Berlin, taken by a selection of average people alive at the time. They were an amazing find in the flohmarkt in Mauerpark about 5 years ago and we had been waiting for an opportunity to print and use them. They are a magical view into Berlin of times past and somehow fit perfectly into the space.

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Photography by Daniel Willis Photography 

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