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Copper Bench DIY

copper bench DIY build Cantilever
Copper Cantilever Bench DIY

Copper Cantilever Bench DIY

Over the last few month we have been redesigning our space since my boyfriend Sebastian moved in! The process of integrating two homes worth of things into one is never simple, and we both downsized our belongings in order to create space for one another in our new shared home. But the more we moved things around in the living room the more I started to feel that we were actually missing a piece of furniture - namely a bench where we could create a home for our ever growing plant collection - so I decided to create a bench to fill the 2m wall beside the living room door. Now, I already make a lot of things out of copper (its such a gorgeous material and soft enough to work with and cut at home without any heavy duty tools - just a handheld copper cutter for about €10-€15!) and so I jumped onto the net to find some inspiration and came up with a few options but really loved this cantilever design for it simplicity and minimalist aesthetic. With a little more digging I came across a post on HomeMadeModern - the blog by @benjaminuyeda - outlining his version of this design made out of steel pipe - which you can find HERE. I knew however that I wanted my version to be in copper and with a few design tweaks to suit my own eye. You can see the video process below to see how simple the process was! Its filled up the empty spot in out living room perfectly and its been really nice to fill it up with lots and lots of nik-naks, books and most importantly, plants ! I've had a really nice response to this video on my Instagram and a few people tell me they are also going to try the project! What do you think?

Fauxlie x

copper bench diy plants storage build
Copper Cantilever Bench DIY

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