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SafeLight Retail is a project that personifies bespoke. Every piece in the space was designed, fabricated and customised on site by Fauxlie Studios to create this lush pink on pink dream. The space is both a retail shop, film developing lab and exhibition gallery.

Created as an outward expression of the myriad emotions captured in the film they process here, the idea was to create a space that was a not just a physical place, but a FEELING. Super modern with a hip hop influence, SafeLight is the new kid on the block in Prenzlauerburg's Schivelbeinerstrasse.

Each element, from the upholstery, to the pink on pink tiled storage, to the pill shaped counter with bespoke terrazzo Countertop - a colab with the Berlin based Kentholz - was created and finished on site by a team of dedicated craftsman. 

The space is also designed to be completely transforamable, with every element on castors to easily transform from shop to event space in a matter of minutes.

Pink isnt just a colour, its a FEELING, and dont ever forget it. <3

S A F E L I G H T  R E T A I L  -  B Y   N I G H T


Due to restrictive Berlin planning, the front of the building could not be customised to the degree that we hoped, so we created a bespoke lighting scheme that transitions from day to night, to make sure that no one can miss the new arrival on the street, with pink neons drawing attention to the space.

Photos : Max Power

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