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P R I V A T E  R E S I D E N C E  - S C H Ö N E B E R G 


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In winter 2018, FauxlieStudio's design of a 65sqm private apartment in Berlin concluded.  The space was designed to be a cozy and intimate home for its owner, blending luxurious textures with beautiful vintage pieces, as well as uncovering original features hidden within the home.  The exposed walls in both the bedroom and living room create a sense of history while also adding depth, while custom handmade items and details add an individual luxurious feel . The kitchen and bathroom exude masculinity in form, while keeping function to the front of the design mind. The blend of old and new within the space, on a base of warm wood make it the perfect refuge from the vibrant city. 


S C H Ö N E B E R G   K I T C H E N 


For the kitchen space, the aesthetic is cool modern industrial. The high gloss grey cabinetry is set against a backdrop of rough textural concrete, utilized in the place of tiles to give a rough and tactile finish to the wall. The contrast between the sharpness and reflective quality of the modern kitchen units and the raw wall embody the vision for the entire space - a dichotomy of old and new, luxurious and rough-hewn. This is again mirrored in the breakfast table space, where luxurious and tactile velvet club chairs are set under a reclaimed 1950s GDR industrial lamp and old iron wall mounted radiator. The wooden shelving introduced on the back wall mirrors the warm tones in the floor throughout the apartment and creates a sense of aesthetic continuity. The kitchen is the perfect space in which to create, explore and entertain.


S C H Ö N E B E R G    B E D R O O M

distressed exposed wall vintage

In the bedroom, the exposed wall creates a textural backdrop and sets the tone for the cozy feeling imperative of a sleeping sanctuary. The colour palettes warm tonal greys, pinks and copper accents create a layered and homely feel. Modern lines sit beside vintage antiques, sourced to evoke a nostalgia of the owners childhood homes. Hand crafted details - in the industrial bedside lamps and oversized copper closet door handles - lend a handmade quality to the room, and the bespoke touch of a designer home. The residence combines industrial elements with mid-century pieces in order to establish a timeless eclectic beauty. 


S C HÖ N E B E R G    B A T H R O O M 


For the sanctuary space that is the bathroom, a strong masculine feel is central with floor to ceiling Beton tiles paired with warm wood accents. A spa like feel is created with a large shower tray and simplistic glass partition, as well as recesses to accommodate products. A huge mirror bounces light and creates depth in a smaller space, while some vintage accessories and plants within the space create a cosy and homely feel. This bathroom is a stonelike jewel in which to revive oneself in the center of this wonderful home.

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